LED Step Lights

by Jake

Using LED step lights is a great way to illuminate indoor or outdoor stairways that can otherwise be potentially treacherous in the dark. Even if the stairs aren’t particularly dangerous step lights installed within the stairs or close to the ground can create an attractive lighting effect. Not only is it attractive, but LED stairway lighting is also energy-efficient, which means you won’t have to be scared to look at your electric bill after installing them.

What Are LED Lights?

We are hearing the term LED more and more, but you may wonder what an LED light is. LED stands for light emitting diode.

Put simply LEDs are like tiny bulbs that easily fit into an electrical circuit. They offer light through the movement of electrons that are in a semiconductor material. Unlike regular incandescent light bulbs LED lights do not have a filament that will burn out, instead they will last as long as your standard transistor.

Why Use Them?

That in itself isn’t very interesting to most people. The more important question is why would you want to use LED step lights instead of some other type of stairway lighting?

The main reason to choose either LED indoor or outdoor lighting is because of efficiency. Not only are these types of lights energy efficient, they are more efficient in general. Because of the way incandescent bulbs are designed they use a lot of energy generating heat while they also produce light. LED lights provide more light per watt and they don’t radiate heat.

Indoor LED Step Lights

Indoor LED Step Lights

LED lights can be very small, while still producing a bright light. They can be dimmed, they light up quickly and they are more durable than other bulbs. But one of the other great advantages is that they have a long life; they are reported to last between 35,000 to 50,000 hours. Some reports say they can last over 25 years with regular, normal use.

Granted they aren’t perfect. The biggest drawback is the initial price. They are more expensive to purchase than most other conventional lights, but LED home lighting will help you save a lot of money in electrical bills over the years. Plus LED bulbs rarely need to be replaced. Not all LED lights are equal though; to be sure you are buying a quality light make sure you choose one that is Energy Star qualified and using the trusted blue label.

Indoor LED Step Lights

Indoor LED lighting provides an attractive way to illuminate your stairways for greater safety. Many of these lights are installed in the front, or face, of the step. Another popular way to add indoor stairway lighting is by installing low-profile, or recessed LED wall lights low on the wall, just above the stairs, to help provide light. These wall stair lights have a grate that points the light down towards the stairs to help focus the illumination where you want it. But if you are creative you may find something else that works better for you needs.

Battery powered LED lights can also be a great option for stairs. They are incredibly easy to install because they don’t require wiring and they can be used anywhere. You can also find motion sensor LED lights so they only turn on when someone is using the stairs. Because LED lights don’t require a lot of power batteries usually last pretty well in these lights, especially when they use the motion sensor function.

If you are worried about the indoor step lights being to bright you may want to look for LED lights that will work with a dimmer. This can be nice if the stairs are near a bedroom or if you simply want a softer look.

If you are looking for a very simple form of LED stairway lights consider using an LED night light or two. If you don’t have an outlet in the right place you can use battery powered LED night lights.

Outdoor LED Step Lights

Outdoor step lighting is becoming more common with the increasing interest in outdoor lighting, probably even more common than the indoor LED step light. Exterior LED lighting seems to be one of the most common forms of outdoor lighting because of its energy efficiency. Not only are stair lights great for increased visibility and safety, but they can also work well as accent lights. They can provide a beautiful look when blended with other outdoor lights and they work well with other LED landscape lighting.

Outdoor LED Step Lights

Outdoor LED Step Lights

LED solar lights in particular are popular outside. The great thing about these solar step lights is that they don’t need to be wired so they are very easy to install. Because they can provide bright light with less power LED lighting technology is common in most solar lights. The one problem is they aren’t the best choice for all geographic areas. For solar LED lights to work best they need enough regular exposure to sunlight.

There are a variety of both solar and low voltage step lights available for outdoor use. They can either be mounted vertically on or in the front of the step, or you can mount them on a wall next to the stairs.

Some of the outdoor led step lighting is quite creative and attractive especially when LED garden lights are used to illuminate stairs in or leading up to a garden area. There are some beautiful LED step lights built into stepping stones that can form a path through a yard or garden. If you don’t like white lights you can even find a color changing LED step light kit to add a little flair to your landscaping designs. This type of kit often includes a controller that allows you to set and change the colors of the step lights.

If you have something specific in mind keep shopping, and try shopping online, chances are you’ll be able to find just what you want. There are some really nice options available when it comes to LED stair lighting.

When it comes to step lights LED is a great choice. They can increase safety while adding an ambient glow that can accent any home either indoors or outdoors.



LED Solar Lights

Using solar LED lights offers a perfect way to enhance your outdoor area. They are easy to install and relatively inexpensive compared to other forms of outdoor lighting. Since solar lights are increasing in popularity there are plenty of styles to choose from so it is easy to find a style that will fit your home or one that will add a little more life to your outdoor décor.

LEDs are the perfect choice for solar powered light fixtures because they use less energy and require less power in general to operate. They also last a long time so they are easy to maintain which makes them perfect for illuminating pathways or stairways. Keep in mind they won’t work perfectly everywhere, so there are some things you need to consider. […]

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LED Rope Lights

Good use of LED rope lights can add a fun decorative touch to any environment while also creating a useful source of light. Rope lights can be hung or mounted almost anywhere without any structural modifications to a home or place of business. They provide a practical and stylish way to brighten any space, either indoors or outdoors.

LED Rope lighting can be used to provide subtle accent lighting, for example they can be hung under cabinets or other overhanging places. Or colored rope lighting can be used more visibly for a bold look. Outdoors they can be used as step, deck or landscape lights. […]

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Are All LED Lights The Same?

If you’re looking to upgrade some of the lights in your home or if you’re considering adding something new but you want to go with something energy-efficient LEDs are a great choice, but it is important to know not all LED lights are the same.

These lights have a lot of advantages over traditional bulbs. They are incredibly efficient, durable and versatile, but they are also more expensive to purchase initially. While this upfront expense will pay off multiple times over with the regular energy savings you’ll experience, you want to make sure you are choosing a quality bulb that will last like it is supposed to.

There is one easy way to make sure you are buying a quality LED light. Look for the Energy Star label to ensure the light has been tested for quality and longevity. To receive this label the light has to go through and pass these tests. […]

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Battery Powered LED Lights

There are a lot of styles of LED lights available these days, but one of the most versatile may be battery-powered LED lights. These battery operated lights can be used practically anywhere and with the blend of LED lighting technology and battery technology they will last a lot longer between battery changes than their incandescent counterparts.

There are a few specific styles of battery operated LEDs that are more common. They can be used in a variety of places from the kitchen or basement to the garden. Most solar LED lights even feature a sensor that will automatically turn them on and off at dusk and dawn.

Here are just a few creative ways you can use these battery powered lights to improve specific areas of your home or your car, or even for special events.

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