LED Deck Lights

Part of the fun of having a nice deck is being able to enjoy it on those nice nights and evenings, not just during the day. Adding the right lights, like LED deck lights, can make this space a relaxing outdoor getaway in the evening or a great place to host a small get together.

Light emitting diode, or LED, technology represents one of the fastest evolving and efficient technologies in lighting.

There are a number of advantages for the homeowner who decides to use LED outdoor lighting. LED deck lights offer variety, safety, and economy and can be used in a surprising number of ways and places.

The Advantage of LEDs

LEDs produce more light per watt used than traditional incandescent bulbs, offering very bright light at very low energy expense. They are also less susceptible to breakage than other forms of lighting, making them a good choice for outdoor lighting, like LED step lights. The focused nature of LED light also makes it ideal for spot-lighting specific areas. Well-chosen LED products represent very energy-efficient lighting and can certainly save money, especially in places where lights are left on for long periods of time, such as in many outdoor applications.

Types of LED Deck Lighting

The market currently offers a broad range of outdoor LED lighting products to meet the deck lighting needs of homeowners. Some examples include:

  • Outdoor wall lighting – Wall lights by the sliding glass door to your deck can provide easy access to light on your deck. There are a variety of styles of both indoor and outdoor LED wall lights available.
LED Deck Lighting

LED Deck Lighting

  • Deck post lights – Whether you choose wired or solar LED lights, post cap lights offer an attractive way to add deck lights that look very natural. They can seamlessly blend in with your deck design. You can find either basic or decorative styles.
  • Rope lights – LED rope lights can be lined along the deck banister or edge of the deck floor to create a nice, soft light around the deck. They can also be used along the stairway as step lights.
  • String lights – LED string lights (like Christmas lights) can create wonderful accent lighting for a deck or patio. These lights can provide a festive feel either for a gathering or a soft light for everyday use.
  • Step lights – LED step lights add style and safety around potentially dark stairways. The compact nature and impact-resistance of LED bulbs makes them a good choice where they could be kicked and exposed to the elements.
  • Landscape spotlights – LED efficiency and focus also makes it a good choice for landscape accent lighting, enhancing the beauty of the home and deck or patio area.
  • Motion-sensor light fixtures – The reliability and intensity of LEDs makes them a good choice for motion activated security and safety lights for the front deck and driveway areas.

Things To Consider

While outdoor LED lights can offer significant benefits, keep in mind that not all LED products are created equal and not all offer the same efficiency, light quality, and longevity. Poor quality LEDS can deteriorate over time, leading to uneven, dim, or even flickering light. Consumers should consider more than just price when purchasing lighting, especially for security purposes. For example, they may consider buying only products with an Energy Star endorsement.

LED deck lights make a good choice for anyone who desires to add style, security, and safety to a deck or patio area. Choosing the right products will provide long-lasting, low maintenance reliability with cost-saving efficiency. That’s a bright choice for any homeowner!