LED Accent Lights

Using LED accent lights to highlight specific points in your home or yard allows you to create a beautiful look that is also energy-efficient. While the market and technology is still relatively new for residential use it is growing and there are more options available all the time for both indoor and outdoor LED accent lights.

Using Indoor LED Accent Lights

There are a few different ways to use LED accent lighting indoors. One way is with LED step lights.

These stairway lights can add an accenting light to your stairs, which can be beautiful on stairways that have a large presence in a room, but they will also increase visibility making the stairs safer at night.

The most popular types of LED accent lighting, however, include LED picture lights or LED strip lights that are mounted on the wall and used to highlight artwork. LED track lights can also be used for this purpose, but they can also be used to highlight another specific item or section of your home. The advantage of using LEDs for this purpose is that they don’t produce heat like incandescent bulbs do so they shouldn’t damage your pictures or paintings over time, and they won’t cost a lot to use.

Other types of accent lights include LED wall lights like sconces. These wall sconces can be used for a variety of purposes from lighting a hallway to lighting an entryway. Some are even battery powered so they can easily be used in a variety of places without needing to be wired to an electrical source.

LED Accent Lighting

LED Accent Lighting

Using Outdoor LED Accent Lights

LED lights are very popular for outdoor use as outdoor accent lights, from wall lights used to light an entryway, deck or patio to LED garden lights used to highlight landscaped areas. Outdoor LED accent lights can help highlight areas of the yard while increasing visibility and safety.

LED step lights are probably more commonly used outside than they are as inside for accent lighting. This type of outdoor lighting is usually used to illuminate stairs leading to a deck or an entryway. This type of stair lighting can provide a really attractive way to increase visibility on the stairs at night, and some kits even offer changing colors.

LED step lights blend well with other types of LED deck lights too, like LED rope or string lights, which can also be used indoors or outside. An LED rope light is like a string light with the lights enclosed in a tube, and with the energy efficiency and durability of LEDs. They work well as accent lighting on patios, decks or gazebos.

Solar lights are becoming increasingly popular. Because they use sunlight for power they don’t cost anything to use, just the purchase price of the lights. LED solar lighting is great for illuminating pathways or for other types of landscape lighting. Solar LED garden lights can highlight ares of a garden or flower bed at night creating a beautiful look.

Whether you are looking for indoor or outdoor accent lighting LED accent lights in particular are a great choice as they are energy-efficient, more durable than most lights and they last a long time.