Battery Powered LED Lights

Modern battery technology and the latest LED technology have come together to provide a range of useful and fun options of battery LED lights. Battery powered LED light are available to meet a host of safety, decorative, and convenience needs in the home, the car, and outdoors,

LED Technology

LEDs, short for Light Emitting Diodes, are bulbs that have been used for years in computer technology. The indicator that shows your computer is turned on is normally an LED.

More recently, we’ve seen home LED lighting for indoor and outdoor use that is able to replace traditional incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. LEDs, however, offer several important advantages:

  • LED lights are not as fragile as fluorescent or incandescent bulbs because they are solid, not a thin hollow glass vacuum. This makes them ideal for portable battery operated items.
  • LEDs use relatively little power for the amount of illumination they produce, offering longer battery life than standard bulbs.
  • LED bulbs are much smaller than incandescent or fluorescent bulbs, making them perfect for small, portable devices.

Types of Battery Powered LED Lights

There are a variety of styles and types of battery operated LED lights available that can fit many needs, but here are some of the most common:

  • LED Night Lights: Battery powered LED night lights can be placed anywhere so you aren’t restricted to using them only where outlets are accessible. They can be used anywhere you may want a night light for safety or comfort; they can also be used as easy-to-install stairway lighting.
  • LED Puck Lights: These disc-shaped portable LEDs can be mounted on any flat surface and usually turn on with a quick touch. They make great safety lights for dark areas such as basement stairways, closets or cabinets.
Battery Powered LED String Lights

Battery Powered LED String Lights

  • LED String Lights: Battery powered string lights are great for decorating either indoors or outdoors, especially in places like outdoor trees or porches when an extension cord is inconvenient or unsightly. They are also very popular for weddings because they come in so many themes, shapes, sizes and colors.
  • LED Rope Lights: Battery operated light ropes come in a variety of colors and work great as accent lights, but they can also be functionally used as stair lights or under counter lights. Rope lights can be cut to size and many styles can be used either indoors or outdoors.
  • LED Landscape Lights: LEDs make a powerful focused light that is great for highlighting garden or landscape features or driveways. Solar-charged batteries (see below) are ideal for fixed outdoor uses like this. You can find a fun selection of battery operated garden lighting in themes like pastel colored butterflies, dragonflies or flowers to name just a few.
  • LED Flashlights: LED hand-held flashlights have become extremely common and can be found in almost any gas-station convenience store. Quality varies greatly, but even a cheap LED flashlight can be handy to throw in the glove box of a car. Higher-end LED flashlights are reliable and consistent, making them good to have for safety reasons in a boat, ATV, or a vehicle.

Solar LED lights

LED products featuring solar-powered batteries, usually with built-in solar panels, offer great convenience for a number of outdoor uses, such as landscape lighting, spotlights for the porch or driveway, and decorative string lights. Often solar LED lights will also feature a light sensor that will turn the lights on automatically when it becomes dark. Solar-powered LEDs offer the best in economic and environmental efficiency.

Any home or vehicle can benefit from the convenience and reliability of battery powered LED lights. Offering the best combination of durability, portability, and long battery life, battery operated LED lights provide safety, personality, and convenience anywhere you need a little light.