Are All LED Lights The Same?

LED lights are not all the same. Besides coming in completely different styles that can use different power sources the quality of these lights can vary quite a bit from one light to another.

What To Look For

Using LED lights to create a white light that is stable for general lighting produces new challenges from their original use as indicator lights on electronics. Good design can make a big difference in the quality and the longevity of the LED home lighting you choose.

Some LED lights can lose their level of brightness or output too early. Some can flicker when they are dimmed and some don’t have as good of color quality or they lose quality as they age.

Without a recommendation from someone you trust it can be difficult to know whether a specific LED light you are thinking about buying has a good quality design. With some lights, like a simple LED night light, the longevity or quality may not be such a big concern, but with other lights, like LED step lights that will be installed in your walls, the quality and longevity of the light will be much more important.

One way to determine if the LED lighting you are considering is made well is to look for the Energy Star label. To qualify for this label the lights have to pass a number of tests and display specific characteristics.

Here are some of the things they look for in LEDs before adding the Energy Star label:

  • The light has to be as bright or brighter than equivalent incandescent or fluorescent lights and the light has to be well distributed.
  • The energy-efficiency needs to be at least as good if not better than that of fluorescent lights.
  • The output of light needs to remain consistent over time until it comes to the end of it’s rated lifetime.
  • The color quality needs to remain clear and consistent through the life of the light.
  • The light should turn on immediately and not flicker when dimmed.

Why Is Quality In LED Lights So Important?

With traditional lights you probably didn’t worry about quality that much, just brightness and bulb life. LED lights are more expensive than traditional lights, but because of the longevity and the energy savings they provide they are much cheaper in the long run, if you buy one that is well made. You don’t want to spend more money on a bulb that doesn’t last as long as it is suppose to, or one that will lose it brightness or color quality well before it’s expiration date.

Besides the higher initial cost in some cases these lights are installed in areas that are more difficult to reach, so it isn’t as easy to change them as it is to change a bulb.

LED lights can save a lot of money and energy over a few years, but if you don’t have a good experience with them you may not be satisfied with them as a replacement for traditional bulbs. Buying well made LEDs should help improve your experience with these energy-efficient lights.

Where You Can Use Them

Because LEDs are small, durable and efficient they are very versatile and can be used almost anywhere. You can find some great styles of solar LED lights to use outside. Because of the energy-efficiency of these lights they work well with solar power.

For the same reason they work well powered by batteries as well. Battery powered LED lights can be used almost anywhere you need light from closets to an outdoor shed.

If you want festive lighting LED string lights or rope lighting are good choices. LEDs work really well in these lights because they can be made in different colors or as color changing lights. This makes them fun for night lights too.

For regular home use you can find LED light bulbs, track lighting, step lights or accent lights.

The technology continues to improve so if you’ve tried them in the past but weren’t completely sold, consider giving them a try again or consider trying another style of light.